Advisor Growth Curve

The Advisor Growth Curve

The 5 Stages of Advice Business Growth


There is a logical progression to the growth of an advice business.  It is not going to be exactly the same for every Advisor, but you will find certain challenges at different periods. We represent this growth through the Advisor Growth Curve.

There are different functions of a business that are more important than others at each stage.  The key is to know what it coming up next and implement systems to carry you through.

The two key areas that we focus on to help advice businesses grow are:

  1. Increasing Revenue: A consistent increase in revenue to fund growth.  We achieve this through a relentless focus on implementing Sales & Marketing Systems.
  2. Systems & Procedures: Creating and documenting systems and procedures in every area of your business will provide you with consistent results and free up your time to concentrate on the next move.

We break down growth into 5 stages:

1. Start up

Situation: You are just starting out. You have been working in the industry for a few years, maybe as an Associate Advisor or Paraplanner and now it is time to take the next step.

Revenue: 0-$100K


You need to bring on those first few clients and you are not sure where to find them.

Starting from scratch with no book, or cold calling the book you have purchased.

You may be anxious and stressed about your ability to generate business. Have you made the right decision?

There is no solid plan in place. Often you are told to call the book, or start with family and friends, then just ask for referrals.


Build your client base to the point where you have a steady income.

Develop at least one marketing channel that consistently generates new clients.

Solid sales process in place.

You are receiving great feedback from initial clients in regards to their plan and your service.

If you are at the Start-up phase our Alpha Course is designed to get you to the next level.  The Alpha Course will provide you with a guided tour; building your initial marketing systems up to the stage where you can start to scale by employing people to do the work for you.  

2. Foundation

Situation: Business is steady.

Revenue: $100K – $250K


You are overworked and stressed by doing all the work yourself.

No systems or tools in place.

Lack consistent marketing.


Charge what you are worth.

Bring on admin staff to offload tasks.

Website & Marketing Systems in place.

This can be a comfortable stage for the majority of Advisors. You are earning a reasonable income, still working hard, but may want to keep things simple.  The thought of employing staff will complicate things. Generating a flow new clients can still be hit and miss.

Quite possibly you have built your business on networking and referrals.  If you have not implemented any marketing systems in your business our Alpha program will be able to help you out.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, book in a time to discuss our Membership program.  This is where we implement the marketing systems for you and provide coaching and training on developing the strategies for growth.

3. Stability

Situation: Looking to Grow the Business.

Revenue: $250K – $750K


No time to work on the business.

People and systems not in place.

Sales pipeline not developed.


Expand the business.

Create a team including Paraplanner and additional Advisor.

Build your Pipeline.

You have decided that you do not want to be a solo Advisor.  You want to create something bigger.  A business that can generate more income and provide you with more time by bringing on staff to do some of the work.

Developing operational and marketing systems is now a priority. Documenting everything so staff know what processes to follow.

We provide the tools and training on developing this stage through our Advanced Members program.

4. Success

Situation: Leading and Building a Team.

Revenue: $750K – $2M


Lack leadership and management structure to take the business to the next level.

HR and operational management positions need filling.

Need to increase marketing and client acquisition.


Move to a CEO role and concentrate on managing the team.

Structured planning in place.

Scale marketing and lead generation.

Expand Office.

Generate thought leadership.

At this stage, you are looking to take a step back from the day to day work as an Advisor.  You may still keep some of your High Net Worth clients but more time is needed to focus on the growth of the business. You will be making sure that your operational managers are implementing and running your systems and procedures.

Marketing efforts around content and thought leadership of your investment methodology will increase your authority.

5. Scale

Situation: Creating Vision, Advanced Growth and Acquisitions.

Revenue: $2M+


Consistent team growth.

Positioning as an authority in the market.

Key management issues.


Develop next stage vision for the business.

Look at strategic opportunities and acquisitions.

Possible exit.

More time to pursue other opportunities.

You have reached the sweet spot. Operations are taken care of and the business has consistent growth and profitability.  There are more options now to grow the business through new services or acquisitions.  Innovation is a priority to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For Advisors above stage two or if you are part of dealer group and want to provide support for Advisors, get in touch to look at our Advanced Members program.


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