A proven strategy to generate a consistent flow of leads and appointments from Linkedin.

Convert more connections in to prospects, more prospects into appointments and more appointments into new clients.  We have created a program that will show you how to implement the system and then delegate it to your team.

Drive your business growth and increase your advice under management.

Program Details


The Plan

A detailed step by step plan on how to implement the system and generate appointments.

Generate Appointments

A system to generate a regular flow of appointments from Linkedin every single month.

Linkedin Overview

How to navigate Linkedin and optimise your profile to attract attention from your ideal prospects.

Content Multiplier

How to increase your reach and engagement with prospects that will multiply your number of appointments.

Build Your Prospects

Showing you how to identify your ideal prospects on Linkedin and increase your number of connections.

Delegation & Automation

Once you have the system in place we will show you how to delegate the majoirty of tasks to your team.

Register for a FREE 60-Minute Digital Strategy Session

This no obligation strategy session will provide you with a custom marketing strategy valued at $1,000.  We will review your current digital performance and also outline how this Linkedin strategy can drive business growth.